Diapers, Diapers, Diapers

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We've all been there.  This diaper leaks, that diaper is stiff, the sizing on those diapers is slightly off.  If your baby has thicker thighs you need to size up in those...etc...etc...Really when it comes to diapers, it comes down to  trial and error.  What works for your first baby may not work for your second.  What works for your friend's kid may not work for yours and vice versa.

Pampers:  These are one of my favorites.  For some reason we always end up back with Pampers.  We prefer Swaddlers, Baby Dry, and the Swaddlers Overnights.  I recently just purchased Pampers Cruisers.  Haven't tried them yet, and surprisingly we never tried them with my oldest.  It might be because they are a little more expensive than the other Pampers varieties but now that my youngest is crawling, I figured why not!

I do know a lot of people are a fan of the Pampers Pure.  We didn't love them.  For some reason they constantly leaked for us, but if your child has allergies, they may be a good option to try.

Luvs:  These aren't bad.  I liked them better for my toddler before we started using pull-ups but I didn't love the Velcro straps.

Parent's Choice (Walmart):  Okay.  They do the job.  I find that they aren't that soft as compared to some of the others and when get wet the liner doesn't sit flat it gets bunchy.  It's almost like once it absorbs pee it then changes shape to however you are sitting and gets stuck that way.

Parent's Choice (Training Pants):  One of our favorites.  They are easy for little ones to pull on and off for potty training, they have cute characters (Paw Patrol), and if you do need to dispose of them, you can rip them from the side.  They are also soft but not as soft as underwear so your child will be able to tell the difference between wearing a pull up and underwear.  They also feel slightly different from a diaper.  I think they may be lighter and less padded.

Up & Up (Target): If I had written this post about a year ago I probably would have told you that these were our favorite.  But now I won't buy them anymore.  For the longest time I could not figure out why my daughter smelled every time I changed her diaper regardless of whether she peed or pooped.  It wasn't that kind of smell.  It is hard to explain but it was just a strong unpleasant odor.  I eventually figured it out.  When the diapers get wet they smell.

Cloud Island (Target): I really wanted to love these, but the sizing was off for us.  I think it really depends on the build of your child for these.  We used them for when my youngest was still in newborn diapers and we felt that the newborn size fit more like size 1.

Wegmans Brand: Just got these and they feel pretty thin.  I'm a little worried that they won't hold very well or we will have some poop explosions happening.  I definitely would not recommend them for overnight as they don't absorb very well.

Hello Bello:  I definitely like these diapers for daytime use.  At night I feel like if your child goes to the bathroom more than once they get super heavy and don't pull the moisture away.  I also noticed that when you are a half asleep changing a diaper in the middle of the night, sometimes when you pull the Velcro tabs away, they fold over and get stuck on the tab (if that makes sense) before you can even attach it to the diaper.

Parasol: These diapers are incredible.  They are free of all chemicals and they feel like soft pillows.  The comfort level of these are top notch and they are so well made.  I didn't have a single leak or poop explosion when we tested these out.  I also like that they dry very quickly so if your baby does not like wet diapers and cries immediately after going to the bathroom because they want to be changed and don't like being wet, these are for you.  That being said, obviously change your baby, but I understand if you are driving and needing to wait until you get to your destination.

Parasol diapers are a subscription diaper service.  They have an 8-layer design.  I was told that they run on the larger size, but I didn't notice that issue.  I think that if your child is fairly thin and has thinner things than yes they may run a little large, but if your child has chubbier thighs than even if they are slightly big, they will be more comfortable on their legs.  My only complaint would be that they are very expensive.  One box is $84, but you can get a pack of 48 diapers on Amazon to try out for $25.95.

Huggies Snug and Dry:  Not a fan of the elastic or the Velcro tabs.  They are harder to do one handed or while nursing (yes I've changed a diaper while breastfeeding).  I'd say they are comparable to Pampers in terms of softness, quality, and absorbency.

Huggies (Pull Ups): Love these.  Absolute favorite pull-ups.  They are super absorbent, no leaks and the sizing is true to size.  I'd say they are softer than Parent's Choice pull-ups and a little thicker.  They also have cute designs.  My oldest loves Doc McStuffins.

Honest Company: I've found these to be extremely stiff.  Even the pull-ups.  We just weren't a fan.  I do however love the adorable designs on them.

Abby & Finn:  Abby & Finn are a subscription diaper service.  I would say that they are softer than Pampers but not as soft as Parasol.  We really liked these.  They have absolutely no harmful substances in them.  They also have anti-leak side leg cuffs.  I feel like not many brands have the "leg cuff" feature.  On a number of occasions I've had Pampers leak through the leg.  That never happened with Abby & Finn diapers.  One box of these diapers is $45 which is comparable to Pampers Cruisers.  If I had to choose.  I would pick Abby & Finn over Pampers Cruisers because of the ingredients.

Seventh Generation Free and Clear Diapers: These are comparable to honest.  I found them to be a little stiff.  We used these with my first child when she was maybe in size 1 or 2 so it has been awhile since we've tried them.

Pampers Cruisers 360 Degree Fit: I have not tried these yet.  Will edit post when we do.

Amazon Mama BearI have not tried these yet.  Will edit post when we do.

Brandless Diapers: I have not tried these yet.  Will edit post when we do.

Pampers and Parasol would be my top two favorite diapers.  Followed by Abby & Finn and Hello Bello for baby diapers.  Abby & Finn definitely has a more reasonable price point and is comparable in price to Pampers Cruisers.  Parasol would be the luxury diaper and would be a really nice gift for a new mom.  Especially since they dry in seconds.  For Toddlers I would go with Huggies Pull Ups as my #1 followed by Parent's Choice.

I hope this helps some of you new mom's out there with your diaper choices, but in all honestly, I am a firm believer in trying them all out and seeing what works for you.

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