Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day is just around the corner and I feel like everyone under the sun has shared their gift guide.  How then do you decide which gift guide is best?  I honestly don't have the answer to that.  All I can say is that my list of items I selected are items that I have either bought for my husband in the past or am getting him.  In reality, every husband/dad/significant other is different and likes different things.  These gift guides are just supposed to make your lives easier so you don't have to spend hours searching online or in store.  I wanted to include a range of items, whether you are a dad, boyfriend, husband, best friend...etc..  The prices on each item also vary from $3 to around $200.

Bottle Keeper: I actually got this for Scott for our anniversary.  He tried it out and really likes it.  It definitely keeps your beer cold (very well insulated) and is super discreet so it doesn't even look like you are drinking a beer.

Drunk Fruit BBQ Sauce Trio: I thought this look interesting and tasty.  Everyone loves Summer BBQs and from my experience, the men usually like to be the "grill masters."  That Peach Tequila BBQ sauce as a glaze sounds so good.

Yeti Lowball Rambler:  We love our Yeti's.  I have a Yeti Cooler Rambler and two Yeti Mugs.  I like this Lowball because it is the perfect size for a beer or even a glass of wine that needs to be kept chilled.

Time Traveler:  Okay so this thing is really neat.  It is a battery bank for your iPhone and your Apple Watch.  Everyone has a battery bank like the Anker for their phones, but when have you seen someone with one for their watch too.

Exhaust dad Hat: Scott already has the "Exhaust dad" shirt.  I actually got it for him for his first Father's day as a new dad.  It is one of his favorite shirts and wears it all the time.  Mom Culture makes really good quality apparel.  I'm impressed that 3 years later it still looks just as good as when he first got it.

Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada Book:  This was a must for my husband.  I hope he isn't reading this...anyways, when my oldest started talking her first was "Ma" and "mama."  So this time I'm sort of hoping G says Dada first, even though she is the biggest mommy's girl.

Lili Bermuda 32º North Eau De Toilette:  Scott and I went to Bermuda for our babymoon before G was born.  I wish I had gotten this for him then because it smells amazing.  I also have one scent that I really want for myself.  It is a little pricey and then there is also the cost of shipping but it is definitely something I want to get him eventually.

ArtMinds Ceramic Coasters Kit:  This is a little $3 DIY kit that your kids can paint for their dad.  If you are artistically talented, you could also decorate them for a significant other or a grandparent.  B already painted 3 for her daddy and I painted G's hand so that we could put her hand print on one of them to include her.  It'll be nice for her to see when she gets older that she gave her daddy something too.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel:  This is a really nice gift.  You have the option of ordering it in different sizes.  I honestly don't remember which size I got my husband last year but he loves it.  You literally fill it with your favorite whiskey and the oak barrel just gives it a better flavor and ages it like if it had been left in a larger barrel.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag: Scott has this and loves it.  He uses it whenever he travels.  He also has the matching Dopp Kit.  What is really nice about this duffel bag is that it has a zippered compartment on the side where you can put your shoes so they don't get your clothes all dirty, especially if you are traveling and wearing sandals but want to bring sneakers too.

Men's Dad Goals Lion King Shirt: All of Scott's T-shirts are pretty old so I've been slowly getting him shirts to replace them.  I saw this one and really liked it for two reasons.  The first is that B loves anything Disney.  She hasn't seen the Lion King yet but I'm sure she will when the Disney streaming service becomes available.  The second reason is that we are planning a Disney trip and Scott will need all Disney shirts for when we are there.

Cocktail Courier:  This has got to be one of my favorite gifts.  It is a subscription service where you get cocktail kits monthly.  You have your choice of going with the subscription that is just the mix of ingredients to make the cocktail and you provide your own alcohol, or you can choose the subscription that includes the alcohol.  Pretty neat right!

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