Tips for Entertaining Your Kids On The Go


Traveling with a toddler and a baby means twice as much stuff you need to carry.  Sometimes my oldest (3 years) will carry her Freshly Picked mini backpack and we will pack it up with a few toys and those Play Packs you can pick up at the Dollar Store, Target or Five Below.  I also like to keep a few one or two mini Play Packs in my diaper bag in case I need them as well.  Those I've only seen at Five Below in the party supplies section, but I know you can order them on Amazon and from Oriental Trading.

I used to carry crayons and a little notebook for my oldest, but now with two kids, I'm running out of space in my bag and it just gets very heavy.  If she takes her own bag, then I throw in a couple extra things for her to do, whether it is coloring pages, crafts or toys.

Recently, after my husband and I took our kids to the Race Track to watch the horses I started packing a Barbie Club Chelsea Doll.  It's like a regular barbie but smaller and looks like a toddler.  I chose it because of the size and I can keep it in my diaper bag so my oldest always has a toy to play with when we are on the go.  She is really good at pretend play and making up stories.  It's also always "new" because we only let her play with it when we are out and about so she never gets bored of it.

When we were at the Race Track I didn't have anything for her and there was a little boy that brought dinosaurs.  He was playing with them in the dirt.  Naturally she found a friend and the little boy shared with her.  Sharing is definitely something my oldest needs to work on but she has gotten better.  When a friend shares something with her, she usually will share something too.  I also found that Five Below has even smaller Barbies for $2.  So if they get lost it doesn't matter as much.

My youngest (7 months) is a little easier to keep entertained.  She is happy with some puffs, a cup, spoon, or toothbrush.  I do keep some smaller toys that I can throw in my diaper bag and a few teethers.

Below are a few items that I interchange out of my diaper bag for her.  My oldest also likes the Dimpl toy.  I picked up the keychain version for her as well and keep that hanging on my diaper bag.

Each of my girls has 2 wet dry bags in my diaper bag in two different sizes.  For my oldest in the larger bag I keep a change of clothes, one pull up (even though she is potty trained -- for if we are driving home at night and want to get her ready for bed before we get home), a silverware set, the barbies, and disposable toilet seat covers.  We really only ever use the toilet seat covers if toilet paper just doesn't suffice or I didn't bring the travel potty into the place we are visiting.  In the smaller bag I keep snacks.

For my youngest, in her larger bag I keep a change of clothes, the Beaba fork and spoon set, and diapers.  I usually have a wipes container floating around my bag because I need it for more than diaper changes.  In the smaller bag I keep a baby food pouch, teethers, pacifier clips, 1-2 pacifiers, and disposable bibs.

Our wet dry bags are personalized and great quality.  They are on the pricier side but they were a Mother's Day present and just make it so much easier to find what I need for each kid.  They are also super helpful for my husband because each kid has their own designated bags.  For diaper changes, my husband and I can just grab the large mint colored bag (my youngest is mint), the wipes holder, and my daughter.  Makes it super easy.  My oldest chose the light pink color.

Photo Credit: PETUNIAS on Etsy
I hope that my entertaining on the go tips were helpful for you.  Please comment if you have any other suggestions.

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