Back to School with Amazon

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Back to school shopping has always been one of my favorite things to do.  When I was little my parents would take my sister and I to Staples every year to get all the things we needed on our school list.  Today it has expanded beyond Staples to Walmart, Target and most frequently Amazon.  Here's the question?  Does shopping online take away from the whole experience?  Do kids these days get a new backpack every year?  My husband thinks I'm crazy but my sister and always looked forward to getting a new backpack.  It probably wasn't until middle school that we kept a backpack longer than one year.  That being said, it could've been because it got gross by the following year until we invested in something that could withstand our daily use combined with after school activities.

I remember getting a new backpack, a trapper keeper (yes we rocked those back then), folders, notebooks, and PENS!  Who doesn't love pens?  If you are a Gen Y/Millennial then you remember the Gelly Roll and milky pens, and lets be honest, I still have them.

My oldest is in preschool and doesn't have a back to school shopping list, but it is still fun to take her anyways.  She has a backpack from last year (cue sad face -- hubby won't let my sister get her a new one), but she does need a folder, and I usually put a notebook in her backpack in case her teacher wants to send a note home.  I picked up her a notebook at Target because I saw a cute unicorn one that I knew she would love, but I'm eyeing the sequin pencil case I share below.  If you wipe it with your hand it shows a unicorn or a rainbow!

I've rounded up some of my favorite finds on Amazon for Back to School.  Some schools start as early as this week so in case you are busy and don't have a chance to go shopping or take your little one's shopping, I thought I'd help you out.

A few key items I'd like to point out.  The Inchbug Labels are one of our absolute favorites.  These are called Orbit Labels and you can take them on and off of water bottles.  The picture below shows a baby bottle (which you can do as well), but my oldest loves them on her Zak, HydroFlask, and Camelback.  Second, we have two bento style boxes.  We love the Bentgo Kids and the OmieBox.  I didn't share the OmieBox because it is a little pricier for preschoolers.  I would definitely invest it in it if your little one is going into Kindergarten because it has an insulated compartment that you can keep yogurt cold or macaroni and cheese hot.  Lastly, we love the PaperMate Handwriting Pencils designed for kids.  We also use the Ticonderoga My First Pencil (not pictured).

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