Lake Placid with Kids

I'll preface this to say that unless your kids are in middle school I probably wouldn't recommend bringing them to Lake Placid, NY.  That being said, if you just want to do a little getaway to relax with your younger kids, then it may be something you enjoy.

Our trip to Lake Placid was very relaxing, minus my toddler not feeling well for part of the trip.  If you don't know anything about Lake Placid, it is the Winter Olympics venue.  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and we witnessed a double rainbow which was amazing.

Where To Stay:  We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Lake Placid and if we went back, I would stay there again.  The pricing was reasonable, it was up on the hill so you had an incredible view, and it was within walking distance of town without really being "in town."

Where To Eat:  If you are going to go anywhere for lunch or dinner, you have to go to Big Slide Brewery & Public House.  I can't say much about the atmosphere or the beer because I ended up eating in the car while my 9 month old took a nap, but the food was unbelievable.  It is farm to table and while we were there, someone was bringing in fresh carrots that I'm pretty sure they were on my husband's salad.  The food is locally source so the menu is constantly changing but if you happen to see the chicken sandwich on your menu, I highly recommend that.

If you end up going to Big Slide, about 7-8 minutes away is South Meadow Farm Maple Sugarworks where you can pick up the most delicious maple syrup.  You can also purchase it in town but it is more expensive than if you go to the store.  The store is actually kind of fun because its the honor system.  I mean they do have a camera in the store, but you pick what you want and either leave cash in a jar (take your own change) or you fill out a form with a check or your credit card information.  You never see places like this anymore and it is a nice change.  We picked up a bunch of bottles to give as gifts.  I've also been needing a good amber maple syrup to use in some cookie recipes.  They had 4 different tiers of maple syrup based on how dark you like yours.  I got the lightest and the amber.

Another great place to eat is The Breakfast Club and ask to be seated near the window so you have a view of Mirror Lake.  This place is perfect for both breakfast and lunch.  We went there for lunch/brunch.  The pancakes are HUGE, but the real winner was the Acai Bowls.  They were basically build your own with whatever 3 toppings you wanted.  They are also big enough to share, as were the pancakes.

Dessert: Out of all the ice cream shops in Lake Placid we chose to go to Emma's Lake Placid Creamery because it was recommended by one of the shop owners.  It was delicious and if you want real ice cream I highly recommend it.  They also have some fun flavors.  If you are looking for more of a soft serve place then I've heard good things about Get Twisted, but I did not try it.  At Emma's my daughter and my husband shared one, my mom got one, and I decided to get a "Monkey Tail" which is a frozen chocolate covered banana with peanuts.  Trying to be somewhat healthy, but also once I got all the chocolate off and peanuts, my youngest could eat some frozen banana.

There isn't much to do at Lake Placid during the Summer.  I'm sure skiing would be amazing in the Winter, but we did go to the beach associated with our hotel for a few hours one day and my husband took my oldest in a kayak.  That being said she wasn't feeling 100% and ended up falling asleep in the kayak and then slept on a beach chair for the next hour.  I'm not sure I would go back to the beach.  It was tiny.  I wouldn't consider it much of a beach, but they did have some beach toys for kids so that was nice.  There were quite a few ants though in one area and I didn't like that at all.

My husband also climbed Whiteface Mountain.  I made him wear my three year old in the carrier.  There was no way I was letting her walk this.  My nerves were through the roof.  Plus, he would've ended up carrying her anyways because it was not an easy climb.  I made it 1/4 of the way and my ears started to hurt from the altitude.  I'm so glad that my mom stayed at the bottom with my youngest.

I hope by sharing this you get some ideas if you plan on taking kids to Lake Placid, NY.

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