Halloween Activities for Toddlers

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Halloween is probably my favorite holiday.  Maybe it’s just decorating for the season but I love the Fall.  In the past we went all out for Halloween.  This year I’m keeping it more centralized around “Fall” so that it can be used all through November, but as a former teacher I have a lot of “Halloween” decorations.  To make it fun for my girls,  I’m going to let my toddler do the decorating.  I can’t decide if this is going to be a good idea or not, but at least it will be fun for her.  Halloween is her favorite, well that and any other holiday/day she gets presents!

Taking a few trips to Michaels, ACMoore, and Hobby Lobby, I found some great ceramic pumpkins, wooden leaves, and turkeys.  My oldest loves painting with finger paints, regular paint, and those paint sticks.  Personally Kwik Sticks are my favorite.  They dry in 90 seconds which means less mess for me if she happens to run her elbow on it wearing long sleeves.  They also make them in a thin more pencil (like) version.

Any and all crafts from the stores I listed above are great for toddlers.  Mom Tip Alert:  If you have a toddler and a baby that don't nap at the same time, a little activity for them to do while you are putting the baby to bed is a game changer.  Just make sure it can be done without any assistance.


This activity is super simple and a lot of fun.  Though, fair warning, it is a bit of a mess when you have a baby joining in on the fun.  All you need is a roll of toilet paper.  It's definitely a lot easier to wrap a toddler than have a toddler try and wrap you.  The toilet paper rips (or maybe that is just ours).  For this activity I would probably recommend a stronger toilet paper like Charmin.


Both my kids had a great time, but I don't even want to show you the floor after.  We actually didn't even finish the roll.  We reused the pieces and made mommy into a mummy. (haha) You can see above that G (the younger child), was having a great time pulling the toilet paper off her sister and ripping it into pieces.


For this activity all you need is card stock paper, glue, watercolor paints, and salt.  I actually didn't have fine salt so we improvised and I used sea salt.  It worked, but it would have been better with regular table salt.  For the glue, I actually used green glitter glue to make it more fun.  The watercolor paint set is from Michaels and is actually mine.  I need to find our Crayola washable watercolor paint set but we are redoing our office so everything is packed away.

Creating the spiderweb shape may be a bit of a challenge for a child under 5, so I would recommend drawing it out for them and pouring the salt on it.  Less mess for you.

I hope these activities inspire you this Halloween.  They are quick and easy and a great way to keep your kids busy!

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