2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Technology

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Cyber Week apparently starts tomorrow! I'm scrambling to get you all these gift guides ASAP since apparently more and more stores are rolling out their deals early. That being said, Friday through Monday will probably be when most of you want to shop. I've heard that some stores plan on increasing their sales by 5% (that is on top of whatever they already have planned on Black Friday). 

Here I have put together a list of gifts for anybody that loves gadgets. I have a few of these items on my wish list. That keychain phone charger with built in cable is calling my name, and I'm really considering the Echo Loop for my husband. Have you guys heard about Happy Lights? They are therapy lamps that mimic sunlight and are said to boost mood, energy, sleep and focus. This mama needs all the sleep and energy I can get!

I also decided that the next time we need to buy printer ink I'm just going to replace the printer with this one.  Printer ink is so expensive and this one has amazing reviews and the ink is supposed to last at least 2 years!  We don't print that much right now, but maybe as my girls get older we will.

Numbers below link you to the item except for numbers 1 and 10.  The Echo Show is linked on my Amazon page here and 10 (Echo Loop) is an invite only.  So if that is something you want to gift someone, be sure to request and invitation.

Items I have:

Echo Show: We have the larger size and absolutely love it. It is the perfect gift for anyone. Sending one to a grandparent so they can video chat with their grandchildren is a wonderful gift.

Stroller Power: This is a hook that is also a usb charger. You do need a cable for it but I leave it on my stroller (unless I need to charge it) and it is great if your phone runs out of battery while out and about.

Phone Fin: Probably my favorite phone loop. It is comfortable, durable, folds flat, reusable, works with wireless charging, and comes in a variety of colors. It is also a great price point and would make an awesome stocking stuffer.

EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector: If you don't have one of these you need one and then buy a second one for a friend as a stocking stuffer. I constantly forget to wear blue light glasses when working on my computer and on my phone. These screen protectors block the damaging effects that blue light has on your eyes, skin and sleep. They make them for phones, iPads, and computer screens. These would also make great gifts for co-workers.

Full transparency here - 3 of the 4 products above I purchased. On top of purchasing the item, an additional product may have been gifted. The Phone Fin I won in a contest but plan on gifting more for the holidays.

Happy Shopping and SAVING!

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