2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Babies and Toddlers (Educational, Consumable, Hand-Me-Downs)

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When you have two kids it is very challenging to find gifts for your second child that you don't already have.  I'm not saying that my kids have everything, but they have enough to be happy.  My one year old would probably be happy with an empty water bottle and some Tupperware (okay maybe not the Tupperware because we only use glass), but you get what I'm saying.

When I'm looking for gifts for my kids these days, I look for three things and categorize the items.  That is how I'm going to separate these gift guides.  They will fall under 3 categories: Educational, Consumable, Hand-Me-Downs.  I'm always looking for educational toys for both my girls.  Something that is fun but also teaches them something.  Consumables refers to something that I can use up.  Not necessarily food, but probably more on the lines of arts and crafts.  Even though we are big on donating toys that we don't use, it continues to add up.  Lastly Hand-Me-Downs.  These are items that I would say could benefit both kids.  They are age appropriate for a 1 and almost 4 year old, or they are good for the 4 year old now and will eventually be something that my younger child can use as well.

Not linked below is the Lovey Lu.  It is the sweetest plush elephant that sings lullabies.  We have one and love it.  I find it is great for car rides if your little one gets upset.  The lullabies are definitely a great calming tool.




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