December Amazon Purchases

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You guys seem to really like when I share my monthly purchases.  Though I have to warn you, the month of December had more purchases (and returns) than usual because of the holidays.  When you celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas things tend to add up.  I'm actually writing this post while I match each transaction on my Amazon bill with the order to make sure everything is accurate.  Don't always trust that when you make a return that it will process.  I've heard on many occasions from family and friends that while they did send the item back and Amazon received it, the refund didn't process or was incorrect.

I'm not going to list all the toys and crafts that my kids got for the holidays.  Instead, I'll pick and choose our top gifts plus the little items that I've loved.  All of the items will be on my Amazon Shop page that can be found here.  Below I will list the items along with the category next to the item and they can be found on my Amazon shop page.

Hanes Bra (Breastfeeding) - I've tried a lot of bras breastfeeding and these are by far my favorite.  They actually aren't promoted for breastfeeding but they do have a snap.  I also like that they are under $13.  I hate to spend a fortune on bras that I'll only be using while breastfeeding because we all know that after you wean, your breasts change size.

Blenderelle (Beauty) - This thing is brilliant.  I'm actually going to order a second one.  I have makeup sponge holders on my vanity but these ones are so much better for travel.  They keep my makeup bag clean but also have venting so that your sponges can dry out.  Bonus the pink one is only $8.

Bibs 2 Go (Mealtime) - My youngest needed more bibs and I saw these at a local toy store near my mom but didn't get a chance to pick them up.  Found them online and because I have no idea where any of our bibs went, I picked them up.  I keep one in my diaper bag inside the pouch.  They are washable but you can also wipe them clean after meals.

Golden Goose Dupes (Kids Clothing and Shoes) - These are for my oldest.  I have yet to find a pair for myself yet.  The dupes I had gotten I ended up returning.  I have time though, these take about a month to get in.  I can't justify yet getting a real pair of Golden Goose shoes for myself.  Maybe one day, but with 2 kids and the chance of one of them spilling juice, milk, who knows what on them, I'd rather not chance it.

Halo Sleep Sack (Bedtime for Kids) - Sleep sacks are all we use for G since she is too young for a blanket.  We have a number of different brands but Halo makes the ones we use most often.  I picked up this cotton one because we have the fleece and velour already but needed a cotton one in the larger size now that she has outgrown the ones we have.

Blender Sponges (Beauty) - These are dupes for the Beauty Blender but honestly I like these better.  I feel like they do a better job and they are under $8 for a pack of 5.

Amazon Brand Dog Waste Bags (It's a Dog's Life) - If you are in need of 810 poop bags here ya go!  This will for sure last us awhile but the price was good.

Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray (Mom Must Haves) - My husband actually got this for me for one of my Christmas presents and I love it.  I enjoy taking a bath and having some "me" time to relax.  It's nice that it has a place for my phone, tablet or book, glass of wine...basically everything you need.

Wallet Ninja (Jewelry and Accessories) - I got Scott this tool as a stocking stuffer.  It it is an 18 in 1 tool and it goes in your wallet.  It's also a cell phone stand which is great if you are at a restaurant and are willing to give your toddler a little screen time so you can finish dinner.

The Spatty (Beauty) - This little tool helps you get every last drop out of your foundation, concealer, primer...etc...I cannot tell you how helpful this will be when I finish my next foundation.  The last time I was shaking it and using the pump to finagle every ounce of it out of the bottle.

Huggie Earrings (Jewelry and Accessories) - I wanted to find a pair of inexpensive huggie earrings that I could wear daily and that I wouldn't have to worry about if they fell out.  For all my other earrings I interchange an earring back that locks but for huggies you can't do that.  These are only under $14 and come in white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold plated.

Smart Plugs (Home) - My husband actually bought these because he wanted to set up our Christmas trees and mantel garland lights to work with Alexa.  It was really nice to be able to say "Alexa, turn on the Christmas lights" and the whole house would light up.

Toddler Bed Bumper (Bedtime for Kids) - I actually ordered this for a trip and had it shipped directly to my friend.  I needed something for my youngest.  While we do try to have her sleep in a crib, it isn't always successful and I needed a way to keep her from rolling off the bed in the event she napped there.  It folds up for travel and when you are using it, you put it under the fitted sheet on the bed.  We use something similar for my toddler when we travel as well.

360 Toothbrushes (Mealtime) - We use these with my youngest.  We found them to be the best when we first started brushing my oldest's teeth when she was 1.  I like that they are 360 and the bristles of the toothbrush go all the way around.  It makes it so much easier when you are just starting out teaching your kids to brush their teeth and they don't always want it done.  It also definitely makes it easier for them to do it themselves.

I hope you enjoyed reading my December purchases.  Feel free to comment below with any questions or send me a DM on Instagram. 

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