2020 Planning with Plum Paper

*items in this post are "semi-gifted" meaning that the company gave me part of the product for an honest review*

I've been pretty good about keeping myself accountable and working towards my goals.  I've fallen a little bit short on drinking enough water, but I got a new water bottle so that is helping.  One thing that has really helped me is writing everything down.  I love planners, notebooks and journals, but I am also really picky about layout.   For years when I was in college and a teacher I used a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda.  It fit my personality and because I was teaching technology post college, the layout worked.

When I taught Kindergarten I used a different planner and when I joined the corporate world, I switched once again.  Every planner fits a different need which is why I was so excited to get to customize one from Plum Paper.  Plum Paper's planners are "Personalized for you. By You."  They offer different sizes, covers, add ons and you can even customize the main pages.

Here's a little breakdown of what I did for mine.  I chose an A5 6 month daily planner.

They have many different covers that you can pick, but I chose this one and added my name and handle to the bottom of it.  You can also add the year or leave it blank.

Next you choose your layout.  Keep in mind that if you choose a 12 month daily your planner will be very large if you plan on adding a bunch of add-ons at the end.  I chose a 6 month daily and mine is very thick.

Here you decide if you want to customize each header on the page or use the standard default.  For mine I customized the header to fit the needs of my business.  If you do decide to customize, they give you suggestions or you can customize with your own text by selecting "other."

Once you have customized the daily layout you can choose your binding.  You have the option of metal coil binding or punching and binding it yourself.

Next you are able to choose your start date.  This feature is really nice, especially since I didn't order my planner till mid January so I set the start date for February 1st.

Here's where it gets fun, the add-ons.  Each tab above has multiple sections of add-ons.  I'm going to break them down for you.  Each of these categories has a subcategory and then pages or stickers that you can add to your planner.  Some of them subcategorize even further for more options.  Keep in mind that each add-on has a cost.  You also have the option to select how many pages.  Sometimes it is per page or group of 10.


  • Meals
    • Meal Planning
    • Shopping List Pages
    • Meal Stickers
  • Family
    • My Home
    • Home Stickers
    • Baby
    • Baby Tracking Pages
    • Baby Stickers
    • Cleaning Pages
  • Budget
    • Budget
    • Budget Pages
    • Bill Tracking Pages
    • Budget Stickers
  • Direct Sales
    • Photography
      • Photography
      • Photography Stickers
    • Social Media
      • Social Media
      • Social Media Stickers
    • Business Tools
      • Brainstorm
      • Contact Pages
      • Password Pages
      • Meetings Pages
      • Mileage Tracker
  • Blog
    • Blog
    • Blog Planning Pages
    • Blog Stickers
  • Fitness
    • Fitness
    • Fitness Pages
    • Fitness Stickers
    • Wellness Stickers
  • Self Care
    • Reflection
    • Reflection Pages
    • Reflection Stickers
    • Prayer Pages
    • Gratitude Pages
    • Habit Tracker Pages
    • Self Care Stickers
  • Travel
    • Travel
    • Travel Stickers
  • Wedding
    • Wedding Plans
    • Wedding Stickers
  • Grade Levels
    • Preschool & Kindergarten
    • Preschool & Kinder Teacher Stickers
    • Elementary School
    • Elementary School Teacher Stickers
    • Middle & High School
    • Middle & High School Teacher Stickers
    • Homeschool
    • Homeschool Teacher Stickers
  • Tools
    • Student Contact Pages
    • Parent Communication Pages
    • Behavior Log Pages
  • Grade Levels
    • Elementary Student
    • Elementary School Student Stickers
    • Middle & High School Student
    • Middle & High School Student Stickers
    • College Student
    • College Student Stickers
  • Tools
    • Assignment Tracker Pages
Notes & Lists
  • Notes
    • Lined Pages
    • Dotted Pages
    • Graph Pages
    • Blank Pages
  • Lists
    • To-Do List Pages
    • Checklist Pages
  • Coloring Pages - Tabbed
  • Coloring Pages - Dispersed
  • Scrapbook Pages
  • Planning
    • These are all the planning stickers I listed above but all in one place.
  • Seasonal
    • Winter Stickers
    • Spring Stickers
    • Summer Stickers
    • Autumn Stickers
  • Holiday
    • Birthday Stickers (based on size of planner)
    • Easter Stickers
    • Halloween Stickers
    • Patriotic Stickers
    • Thanksgiving Stickers
    • Valentine's Day Stickers
    • Christmas Stickers
  • Decorative
    • Peachy Keen Stickers
    • Goal Setting Stickers
    • Essential Stickers
Page Protector
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 page protectors.
The reason I really like this planner is because of how customizable it is, but you are also given the option for pre-made add ons that can suit your business, home life...etc...  Creating your own "mom planner" with shopping lists, meal plans, cleaning schedule, routines, kid stuff is such a great idea.  I decided to create one for my business only because that is where I needed to get organized.  My husband and I have a calendar in our kitchen and when we have appointments we have a shared calendar on our phones.

If I had heard about these when I was a teacher I would've most definitely customized one, added the teacher planning pages, and probably EVERY STICKER!

If you are interested in getting a planner.  Click here and you will receive 10% off your purchase of $30 or more.

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