Deal Saving Apps You Need

As you know, something I am really good at is finding deals.  I'm that mom that price matches Amazon, that always browses the clearance aisles and end caps at Target, and that has a good eye for the "yellow sticker."  I'm that end of season shopper trying to figure out what size her kids will wear in coats next year so she can snag a kids North Face jacket for 50% off.  One thing I will say though on the topic of deals is that I will not price match when I'm at a family owned business.  If I go to a local toy store or baby boutique.  I'm there to support them regardless if the price may be higher elsewhere.

Jumping back in.  There are two apps that every parent needs that will help them save money (or possibly spend more?)  I know these are both available on the iPhone so if you have an Android, you will have to check.


Amazon Alert let's you add any item to your wish list with the current price and the "alert price" that you set.  You can add anything from Amazon and it sends you a notification when the price drops to your alert price.  It's great for items that you want for yourself, friends, family, kids..etc...but are still more than you want to spend.  For example, the Disney Frozen 2 Boogie Board has been $29.99 for months which is ridiculous when Costco sells a double pack boogie board (not Frozen themed) for the same if not less.  Anyways, I added it to my Amazon Alert and was notified yesterday that it dropped to $17.98 which is much more reasonable.  I snagged one because it is a perfect alternative to screen time for our flight trip to Disney.

Instructions with Screen Shots:

In the bottom right hand corner click on the blue circle with the plus sign.
Enter in the product name and click done.
Next to the item, click ADD TO LIST.

Enter in the amount you want to be alerted when the price drops.  In the upper right corner click Add.
Now you will see the item added to your list with the current price and your alert price.


I've had this app for awhile but never really knew what it did it or how to use it.  Today I played around with it because there are a pair of sneakers that I want.  They are currently out of stock in my size because they went on sale, but when I spoke to Nordstrom they said they would restock in 2-3 weeks.  I went through the app and set up an alert to notify me when it goes on sale regardless of the sale amount.  You do have the option to select a % off for when you want to be notified, but the shoes are not overly expensive as is for sneakers and I know that when they go on sale at any amount that they will sell out fast.

Instructions with Screen Shots:

Click the search magnifying glass at the top and type in your store.  For this sample I chose Nordstrom. You will then be taken to Nordstrom's website.  If the app opens, close it and open in Safari.
Search for the item as you would normally.  Then at the bottom click the square with the arrow pointing up.
Scroll to where it has the icon with the 3 dots and says "More."  Click on it.

Select Shoptagr.
The item is now saved to your account.
Now you can see the items that you are watching.

I hope these two apps help you.  One thing to note about the Amazon Alert app is that if you want unlimited wish list items than you do need to pay for it.  I think the free version lets you add 3 items to watch.  Happy Shopping and Saving!

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