The Path to a Cleaner Smile with Smile Brilliant

*this post is sponsored.  Items were gifted.  All opinions are my own.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect your oral heath.  Meaning that some women experience dental problems.  For me, my teeth have become more sensitive postpartum and I actually have an appointment for a deep gum cleaning.  I'm not looking forward to that.  It's probably going to be painful.

A few weeks before the holidays my electric toothbrush stopped working.  It was about time for a new one anyways.  We replace the toothbrush heads fairly often but both my husband and I have had this particular one for years.  It was good, but there are much better ones on the market.  I was so glad when Smile Brilliant wanted to work with me because it was the perfect timing.  The funny part was that my husband had ordered me a new toothbrush for Christmas already.  We will get there in a minute.  Anyways, Smile Brilliant was so generous to send my husband and I their cariPro Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush Couples Package to test out.  

Unlike most toothbrushes, the cariPro has 5 brush modes and the whole toothbrush is waterproof so you can actually brush your teeth in the shower!  It has a 30 day battery life, smart timer, wireless charging dock, and uses 40,000 vibrations a minute to help you get a cleaner smile.

So far I have been loving this toothbrush.  Now remember how my husband had bought me another toothbrush for Christmas.  I prefer the cariPro over that one 10x over!  The fact that it has 5 brush modes means that you will for sure find one that you like.  None of the modes are so strong that they hurt your mouth either.  So far I like the clean and sensitive brush modes.  I also like the gum care one.  Maybe if I continue to use that until my deep gum cleaning, it won't be as bad as I am expecting to to be?

Smile Brilliant has been so kind as to offer you guys 20% off their cariPro Ultrasonic Toothbrushes with my code: diapersanddonutsblog20 .  I'm telling you guys, if you need a new toothbrush, this is it!

Now with any review, I know I am going to be asked what I wish the toothbrush had.  There are 3 things I wish it had.  1. A cover for the brush head.  2. a travel holder and 3. color options so that my husband and I can tell them apart.  None of those are a game changer and for now, I will be getting out the label maker.

Since you guys heard my thoughts on how great this toothbrush is, I thought why not have my husband leave you a little review as well.  Here's his feedback:

"Nice slim design.  Sits well on the counter and doesn't take up too much space.  I like the fact that it has a tongue cleaner.  It makes my teeth feel clean after use and doesn't hurt."

Lastly, as a little surprise for all of you!  We are giving away one of the cariPro toothbrushes to one of you!  All you need to do is click the giveaway link here, fill out the form and that's it!  Good luck!

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