Emergency Preparation Kits

People are going a little crazy with buying out everything at Target, Costco, Walmart, Amazon...etc... in preparation for a possible quarantine due to the Coronavirus spreading.  Our Costco just restocked toilet paper, paper towels and water, but it is impossible to find hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes anywhere.

Some people are looking up recipes to make their own.  Even some Bath and Body Works locations are sold out of hand sanitizer.  That's scary when you think about it because that's one of the primary things they sell.  I am thankful that we have the necessary items that we need for our family.

Early last week before things got crazy, I was at the Dollar Tree and they had just restocked hand sanitizer and wipes.  They must've put out 70 bottles.  I took 3 bottles of the regular size, a few wipes, and a couple travel size.  None of these were for me, but rather family that didn't have any.  Within 5 minutes they were all gone.  Dollar Tree had no limit so one lady took 30+ bottles!  I was blown away with out inconsiderate people are during a crisis.  Think about other people.

Rather than going out to the grocery store, I've been also utilizing Instacart.  Practicing social distancing is crucial right now.  I am thankful for that one person doing the shopping for multiple people and I understand that their is some risk of exposure when your groceries are being delivered, but if you wear gloves, empty the boxes and rinse of the perishables that is better than nothing.  You need to get food somehow and this option seems to be the least risky in my opinion.

It is also important to have an emergency plan and preparation kit for your family.  This is something my husband and I briefly talked about and will continue to discuss.  Having items prepared for your kids as well as enough food for 2 weeks is very important.  In my diaper bag I carry a change of clothes for both my kids as well as snacks.  I also have hand sanitizer, toilet seat covers, baby wipes, hand wipes, and lysol wipes.  I'm staying indoors but I have it all packed if necessary.

In my car I have more wipes and will probably put another set of clothes for both kids, my husband and myself.  We also just ordered a car toilet (no judgement).  We have a toddler potty for the car but this is for adults.  If for some reason we have to go somewhere, I will not stop at a rest stop.  If my husband needs to go, he will wear an N95 mask.  Unfortunately those masks are extremely hard to find and once you use it, you need to throw it out or if you know how, you can reuse them if done properly.  I've also heard that if you have a UV-C light you can use that.  I also purchased gloves for myself, my husband, and my toddler.  My youngest may be able to wear them but I don't think she would keep them on.

Another item that is useful to keep in your car is a First Aid Kit.  I recently go the Med4Kids Medibag Family First Aid Kit and I'm actually giving one away over on my Instagram!

Other items that are useful to have just in case are listed on my Amazon storefront under Emergency Preparation.  I hope that everyone is being cautious during this time.  Take care of yourself and others.  Practice social distancing.  That is the only way we are going to slow down this virus.

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