Week 2 - Social Distancing

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Anyone else "blah" this week?  I started writing this post on Monday and I'm not sure what it was about Monday but my kids just weren't having it.  I think it started to sink in that we haven't been to Target in over a week an a half.


Vooks - We love Vooks.  It is an app that brings storybooks to life.  You can get a 1 month free trial.

Caterpillar on a Leaf Grouping - Draw a leaf on a piece of easel paper and write a number in the middle.  I chose the number 5.  Then have your toddler use dot markers/bingo markers to make groups of the number 5 all over the leaf around the number.  If they make them in lines then they look like caterpillars on the leaf.

Count Everything - Using construction paper, cut out 10 circles about 2 inches in size each.  We used black paper so they would be easy to see.  Have your toddler find things to measure using the circles.

Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari - Black Rhino Seyia

Play Doh Decorations - Using a bunny and egg template trace the shape on foam.  Explain to your toddler that these are pretend cookies and they are to use play doh "frosting" to decorate.  If you have brown foam that would be best, but we used pink and green because that is what we had.

Usually when I do activities with my kids they are entertained for at least 20 minutes.  Today I think I got 5 minutes from the caterpillar activity in which case my oldest only made one group of 5.



Yesterday my girls were just not having it so I decided that once a week we would have a a day of FUN!  Just let them play.  Maybe do a few fun activities but I wasn't going to push it.  If my oldest was having a "good day" then I would do some educational activities with her, but this is all new and I don't want to stress her out.


Qtip dot painting - This was a simple yet fun activity for my oldest.  I wrote her name on a piece of paper and gave her some paint.  Using a different qtip for each color she painted dots on her name.  We then did some color mixing.  She liked that white with blue made light blue.

Same and Different shapes Workbook - This is a workbook that I picked up at the dollar tree months ago, but Amazon definitely has a lot of options.  It may take awhile to get, so I would recommend Pinterest for free resources.

Pizza Playdoh - Target has a 25% off one toy coupon that expires tomorrow (March 28th).  We got my girls the Pizza Playdoh kit and they love it.


Pretend Play with Rice - The girls had so much fun with this.  It was the biggest mess every but so worth it.  I had bought some animal figurines from Amazon (see week 1 - social distancing) and they had so much fun burying the animals and lining them up on the sensory table.

Keep in mind that it took me 45 minutes to clean the mess up at night even after cleaning it up multiple times during the day.  I recommend a broom if you want to save the rice.

Toy Parade (courtesy of Busy Toddler) - I taped lines on the floor with blue masking tape and my kids lined up their animals.  After my oldest decided to get a piece of paper and put as many animals on the boat.  She pushed them around on the tile floor and told me they were going on a boat ride to Starbucks.

Outdoor Play


Outdoor Play - When it is beautiful outside I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Dyed Rice - Yesterday while the girls were playing I dyed some of the rice from yesterday pink and blue using gel food coloring.  I ordered liquid watercolor paint but it hasn't arrived yet.  This morning it was dry and they had fun playing with it in the sensory table and hiding their animals.  They also really liked mixing it together.

Toy Parade - Continuation of yesterday.

Water Play - We replaced the toy sink that we had with a new one by Little Tikes.  This one was on sale at Walmart.  It is not battery operated like our old one but I like it better because I don't have to worry about water being left in it causing it to break.  It was $9.99 when I bought it so I would definitely wait until it goes on sale again.

Egg Art Puzzle - I drew the shape of an egg on a piece of paper and had my oldest draw lines across.  I made a sample for her.  She then had to cut out the egg and the lines and together we figured out how to put the pieces back together.

Fun Product Finds of the Week

Discount School Supply

Colorations Liquid Watercolor Paint Rainbow Pack

100 Liquid Watercolor Diffusing Paper Shapes

School Speciality

Captain Creative Bold Magic Nuudles Set

Roylco Foam Paint Bottles

Crayola Kids Washable Paint Set

Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set

Learning Resources Helping Hands Sand and Water Set


Stackable Water Pots

These are just some fun products I've found while looking for activities for my kids.

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