*Products were gifted.  All opinions are my own.

We are transitioning my youngest into her sister's room in about a week. It's probably going to take a few nights for her to get used to it, but I think that the two girls will enjoy sharing a room. Right now their room has handmade blackout curtains that block most of the light in their room for nap and we are currently in the process of figuring out a way to make it darker so no sunlight can shine in early in the morning and during naps. For both my girls they sleep better when the room is dark. We don't use any nightlight once they fall asleep. However, my toddler likes to have some sort of night light to help her go to sleep. She also needs a light to find her way to the bathroom if she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Fun light to put inside a pillow fort
LumieWorld was kind of enough to send us a few of their products to test out and so far we are loving them. They are a made of a soft material that is "chew safe" for younger kids. Probably one of my favorite features of device is that you can change the brightness and dim it if you have multiple kids sharing a room so that the light doesn't wake them if you need to come in to do a diaper change or tuck one of your kids back into bed. They also come with remotes which I think would be perfect to velcro next to the the room light switch by the door. That way we can take it off if we want or we can control the night light right when we step foot into the room.

She loves to hold it and watch the colors change.
They also have a 30, 60, and 90 minute timer option on them. This feature is perfect for my kids because like I said above, once they fall asleep, we keep the room dark.  We can set the timer to turn off so we don't have to manually do it. My oldest is a pretty good sleeper but she does like to have a night light on as she is falling asleep. She said the other day "I love the way the Christmas tree does it" and if you speak toddler, she means that the color changing rainbow effect is her favorite. It automatically cycles through the different colors.

My youngest is pretty fond of the Sound Soother. It's a sound machine, night light, projector, and white noise maker all in one! It also has a cry sensor that activates after 5 seconds of crying.  In addition, it has a volume and brightness control. My youngest likes to carry it around and snuggle with it because it is soft and hers looks like a sheep. We haven't tried the cry sensor out yet but it is something I can see being useful as we transition her to a shared bedroom with her sister.

The Sound Soother is plush with a hard belly that projects on the ceiling.
Overall, if you are looking for a safe night light for your kids that they can carry around and squeeze, I would recommend LumiPets. It’s portable option is great to move from room to room in your house (or for travel whenever travel restrictions are lifted). I would choose the LumiPet remote version for all day play and night light modes! If you are looking at keeping it solely in a bedroom at night then I like the LumiPets with Bluetooth streaming. It will give your kiddo soothing sounds streamed straight from your device and brighten up a room enough to see without waking your kiddos at night. 

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