Week 4 - Social Distancing

I think we've finally gotten a routine down for the most part.  I think the hardest part is having an activity for my youngest to do while I'm working with my oldest on some of the harder educational activities.  This week the girls definitely had fun and we tried some new activities.  I like to change it up for them just like we switch out the toys periodically so they don't get bored with the same ones. 

Hope you enjoy our week at home!


Worksheets - My oldest has been asking to do worksheets at breakfast (usually when she waits for her oatmeal to cool down).  I purchased this workbook packet by The Moffatt Girls.  It was only $5 and she really enjoys it.  It's also nice that it is "no prep."  Once we finish these I will definitely be looking at the other packets she offers.

Scoop and Transfer - Using two mixing bowls and spoons.  My kids practicing transferring cereal from one bowl to another without making a mess.  This was a great activity for my youngest.


Color a "Rainbow Fish" - I printed this template and using glitter glue I outlined the fish the night before.

Secret Letters - Using white crayon on white paper draw letters on a piece of paper.  Have your child use watercolor to find the letters and identify them.

Outdoor Play - Since it was so nice out we spent most of the day outside.

Cut the Grass - My toddler had fun outside using scissors to cut the grass.



Made "charoset" for Passover - My oldest used her kid knives to help cut up the apples.

Passover Coloring - My aunt sent over a Passover activity download and coloring pages for the girls to do during the Seder.


Marshmallow Paint - Paint using marshmallows.  Both my girls had fun with this and luckily my youngest knew not to eat the marshmallows because they were covered in paint.

Magnatiles - Did you know magnatiles or any magnetic blocks stick to the garage door?  We have a garage door on our "she shed" in the backyard so the girls had fun sticking them to the door.

Sensory Play in Rice - The girls have fun using their princess figurines and animals in the rice.


Color Easter Eggs (Easter Egg Spinner) - We actually used plastic eggs from Target so we didn't have to waist our real eggs.  Eggs seem to be a hard item to get at the grocery store these days.

Workbook Pages - My toddler actually really loves doing workbook pages.  I think because it is more than just tracing letters.  I bought the Pre-K workbook from The Good and The Beautiful.  It is a little religious (more-so than I was aware), but the activities and stories in it are really nice and I love that it is more than just a workbook.  It provides you with activities that you cut out and prepare as well as suggestions on what to do beyond the workbook.  For example, we were practicing writing upper and lowercase A's.  My oldest knows her letters and can write all her uppercase letters but writing lowercase she doesn't do as often.  The book suggested writing in paint and also in play doh.

Alphabet Twister - We love this game.  It's like Twister but instead of colors you have to step on the letters of the alphabet.


Cloud Clay - Mix conditioner with cornstarch.  You can also add food coloring.  It creates a soft fluffy clay to play with.  You can even cut out shapes with cookie cutters.

Baking - Chocolate Chip Cookies and Loaf Bread (something we had in the cabinet from Trader Joes).  Baking is a super fun activity for kids.  You can either find a recipe online and make something from scratch if you have the ingredients or doing the easy bake and break you can get at the grocery store.

Ideas I'm saving for next week:

Toilet Paper Roll Stamping

Name Sort - Using construction paper I wrote my toddlers name on it and stuck it on the wall.  I wrote letters on peel and stick colored dots and she had to match the letters to the letter on the construction paper.

What is 100?  Drawing ten boxes, I had my toddler group stickers of 10 in each group.  At the end, she could see how many 100 really is.

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