Week 5 - Social Distancing

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It's the weekend and I totally meant to get this post up on Friday but I managed to strain my neck and while the pain didn't start right away, a few hours later it hurt a lot.  Thankfully now it is slowly getting better, been using a heating pad on and off.  I'm hoping by Monday I'll be back to normal, or close to it.  Anyways, as usual we had a busy week!  I hope our activities keep your kids busy if you choose to do some of them.


Monday was a bit of an off day, but like I said in one of my other social distancing posts, I let the girls have a "FUN" day with no plans once a week.  I think we all need it, especially since sleep training is still happening.  I expected it.  It took 3-4 weeks to sleep train our oldest so that is what I expect for my youngest as well.  Some nights are rough though, and Sunday night was one of them.  Glad we "went with the flow" on Monday.


Name Sort - Using construction paper I wrote my toddlers name on it and stuck it on the floor.  I wrote letters on peel and stick colored dots and she had to match the letters to the letter on the construction paper.

Button Dig Sensory Bin - Using the leftover buttons that I had from making my husband's "healthcare hat" I hid a bunch in our Ikea Filsat table for the girls to find.  I had ordered Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set and the Sand and Water Tool Set for the girls and they are using the tools to find the buttons.  To make it more challenging for my older child, I told her she had to find the buttons and put them in the cup using the tools and not her hands.

Water Play with Toy Sink - The girls always have fun with playing with their toy sink.  I've linked this one in my previous posts.  It is by Little Tikes and requires you to pump it.  I am looking at getting another battery operated one that will fit in in their sensory table buckets but I haven't found one yet.


What is 100?  Drawing ten boxes, I had my toddler group stickers of 10 in each group.  At the end, she could see what 100 of something really looks like.  This was a lot of fun but I did have to sit with my kids and do it with them.  My youngest I let put stickers allover her own paper while I helped my oldest count to 10 and make sure she filled up each box.

Baking Sugar Cookies - My kids love to bake.  Usually it is something we save for the weekends and really go all out with measuring.  Today I decided to do a little "break and bake" sugar cookies.  The girls had fun decorating them with sprinkles.


Alphabet Scavenger Hunt - Going through the alphabet, I had my toddler find different things that start with each letter.  The best is when she said "genius" for G.  I said who is a genius.  She said "me".


Disney Rollercoaster POV on YouTube - The girls had a lot of fun pretending to ride on the different Disney rollercoasters.  If you search Disney POV you will find them.  Alternatively you can search for a particular rollercoaster.  We rode on Frozen, Slinky Dog, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

We also discovered the Alphablocks YouTube channel.

Pizza Picnic - As per usual, Friday is our "Pizza Picnic."  Every Friday we set up a picnic in the family room and watch a movie while we eat pizza.  Sometimes we order take out but recently we've been warming up frozen pizza.  The girls love it and this week my husband set up their table to change it up instead of all of us sitting on the floor.


We played outside a lot today but my oldest got to make her own Forky with this kit.  She really loved it.


Sephora Sale

I ended up changing a few things from my original list.  These are the items that I purchased:

Ilia Multi Stick - All Of Me


Buy One Get One Sale

Nordstrom - I had Nordy points to use!

Nordy Teddy Bear - This guy reminds me of my dad.  My dad loved Nordstrom and I have a special place set up for this little guy already.  They also have this cute one too.  The second one is actually a stuffed shoe horn named "Nordy," and if you take your kid to Nordstrom to do the "First Walker Experience" they will get him as a souvenir

Ilia Luna Eyeshadow Palette - This was majorly marked down, but looks like it is sold out now.

Ilia Lipstick Crayon - This was also majorly marked down.


Sunbeam Renue Heating Pad - I strained my neck on Friday and this heating pad has been amazing.

Men's Tie-Dye Regular Fit Short Sleeve Shirt - I bought this for Scott.  Tie-Dye is so in right now and I wanted to get one for him that wasn't crazy colorful.  Plus when I bought it they were having a buy one get one discounted deal going on.

Women's Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt (Yellow/White) - I bought this for myself since they had a deal going on and I really liked the subtle tie-dye look.

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