Week 6 - Social Distancing

This week was definitely more challenging for me than the past weeks.  If you haven't watched my stories than you probably don't know but I managed to strain my neck last Friday and even a week later I'm still having some pain.  So we took it easy this week and I'm so proud of my girls for just going with the flow.


Play all day!

Tuesday - "Sheep" theme

Pom Pom Sheep - I found a sheep template in my Mailbox Gold subscription (you could probably find one on Pinterest).  I cut them out and the girls used glue and put pom poms on their sheep.  We sang Mary Had a Little Lamb to go with it.  This activity was more for my youngest as we don't use

Letter Roll & Cross - Using the letter dice that came in our "The Good and the Beautiful" preschool activity workbook I repurposed it for this activity.  The dice has a bunch of lowercase and uppercase letters.  I wrote those letters all over a piece of white paper and added a bunch of other letters (uppercase and lowercase) on the paper as well to make it more challenging.  We took turns rolling the dice and crossing out the letter it rolled on.  We each used a different color crayon to keep track.  If we crossed out all of that particular letter, we had to then add it back.  The goal was to cross out the most letters on the page.  It was fun because I turned it into a game.

Dominoes - I'm not sure if we played this correctly but I think we ended up making up our own version of dominoes.  It was fun, especially since our set was "Frozen" themed.  They were from Dollar Tree.

Bake Brownies - Baking is something we have been doing every week during quarantine.  Usually it is on the weekend with my husband but I really wanted to baking brownies using a technique I saw someone share on Instagram.  Using the Ghiradelli brownie mix from Costco, I modified the ingredients slightly by using a little more oil and a little less water.  We also added a handful of extra chocolate chips and a few unicorn ships because we had them left over.  They turned out delicious.

Stack and Break - My youngest loves when we build towers and she can knock them down.  This can be done with any stacking blocks.

Paint with Cars - Using toy trains (instead of cars) I put some paint on large easel paper on the floor.  My girls then used their trains to track the paint all over the paper.


Daddy was working from home so the girls and I ended up playing in the basement to keep the noise level at a minimum.

Purchases/Daily Finds


Halo Sleep Sack - My youngest needs more of these and I managed to snag it at 50% off

Sight Word Readers Parent Pack: Learning the First 50 Sight Words is a Snap! - This was a deal of the day.  Also 50% off.

Melissa & Doug Flashlights - My girls are obsessed with flashlights and pretending to go on a bear hunt in the basement with their daddy.  It makes me really nervous when they use regular flashlights because they are quite bright.  I ordered them these because they aren't as powerful.

iDesign Plastic Egg Holder - It's very difficult to wipe down an egg holder that isn't completely plastic/sealed.  Plus I am slowly organizing our refrigerator and pantry.

Kitsch Pro Duel Edge Brush - So I see a lot of people sharing the mascara hair wand.  I saw this and wanted to try it instead because it doesn't put any product in your hair.  It's basically a mini brush.  I'll let you know my thoughts when it arrives.

Solar Buddies Child Friendly Sunscreen Applicator - This is a roll on sunscreen applicator.  You pour your own sunscreen in the container and then roll it on.  We had one last year and loved it so much that I ordered 2 more.

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