Week 8 - Social Distancing

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I can't believe it has been 8 weeks.  I actually went to Target for the first time since quarantined.  We needed some necessities and usually Scott will go but being inside for 8 weeks was getting to me so I decided to do it.  I have to say I probably won't do it again.  It was depressing and wearing the mask was uncomfortable and made me dizzy because it was harder to breathe.  Anyways, I shared that all on stories the other day and you all are more interested in activities to keep your kids busy!  So here is what we did this week.  A lot of it had to do with food, but I mean, my kids ask for snacks 5,000 times a day so it ended up working out.

Fruit Loop Rainbow -  I found a template in my Mailbox Gold subscription.  If you aren't a subscriber yet, I definitely recommend it if you have kids 3+.  I say 3 because some of the activities are a little more challenging, but for younger kids if you want a place to get quick templates and coloring pages, they have amazing resources.  I renewed my membership when my oldest was 2.  Prior to that I used it when I was a teacher.  They even offer 1 week free trial.

Memory and Sorting - My oldest found her Paw Patrol Memory Game that we've had for awhile.  I think I bought it at Dollar Tree.  I know we have a Frozen one somewhere too.  If you want to make it extra special, you could also create your own personalized one with photos.  These are great for all ages because you don't necessiarly need to play memory, you could use it to teach your kids names and faces.

Gummy Bear Graphing - My husband did this activity with my oldest.  I added some organic gummy bears from Target as part of one of our drive up orders.  He drew a graph on paper and she had to graph the number of gummy bears she had.

Shoe Puzzle - This was a fun spatial activity.  I traced the girls shoes on a large sheet of easel paper.  I used the right foot for all of them to make it easier.  My oldest had to match the shoe shape and sizes.  Once she got them she traced her foot.

Goldfish Counting - This was similar to the gummy bear graphing, but we used goldfish.  I wrote a number in a graph and my oldest had to put down the correct number of goldfish.

Tie Dye - Tie dye is very popular right now.  I figured it would be a big mess with my kids so I ordered this kit that contains the mess.  It is awesome.  My oldest made a shirt and it turned out great.



Apple Barrel Acrylic Craft Paint

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker


Wood Castle Dollhouse

Large Peg People

Medium Peg People

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