Week 9 - Social Distancing

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Today we spent most of the morning outside.  My girls love being outdoors, especially in my she shed.  We brought out the kiddie pool that I use inside for sensory play and they filled it with their Barbies to transport to the shed.  They did a lot of pretend play and then piled up all the cushions to build a rollercoaster.

Button Stamping & Footprints (play doh activity) - I removed our dyed pasta noodles from one side of the sensory bin and stored them for later.  I found some play doh and buttons (from a previous activity).  My oldest and I talked about the book Corduroy and how he was missing a button.  Then my girls used buttons and stamped them in the play doh.  After we used animal figurines to look at the different footprints and shapes of the animals feet.

Cars on a Track - During my last Target trip I found these car decals in the Dollar Spot.  My girls had fun putting them on their Filsat Sensory table lids and pretended to drive on the road.

Weather Sensory Bin - Using a clear plastic tub I filled it with pom poms, a bowl of water, and some animal figurines.  I also gave my kids straws.  They blew in the straws to make the pom poms move around and pretended to be the wind.  The water was the rain and when they put the pom poms in the water we pretended that was snow.

Tie Dye - This was just a fun outdoor activity.  We did two different tie dying methods.  We used the orb from the mess free kit I shared last week and we did the watercolor ice cube method.

Building Blocks - My husband made these wooden blocks for my girls and I dyed them with my oldest on Mother's Day.  We've been stacking them, building towers and pyramids.

Pom Pom Color Sorting - This activity was mainly for my youngest but my oldest helped.  Using pom poms, my youngest had to sort them into the correct color.  It was a little advanced for her since she is only 17 months but she did a few.

Make a scene - Using window decals my husband picked up at Target, we arranged them on our glass coffee table in my she shed and built a scene.  My girls used cars and Barbies to pretend and drive places.  We went to Disney World a lot.



Fun Express Unfinished Wooden Cars

Apple Barrel Paint (Set 2)

Zoku Coca Cola Float/Slushy Maker

Beauty Blender Sponge


Microfiber Hair Towel (BOGO)

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