Guide to Diverse & Inclusive Toys for Toddlers

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I've been working on this post since #blackouttuesday.  I didn't want to rush it and wanted to make it as detailed as possible.  I see others have shared doll lists and book lists but I haven't seen a complete guide or a recommendation list.  I also decided to not just do a post about only diverse toys and rather wanted to include inclusive toys as well.

I've said in my Instagram posts, I am guilty of not having enough diverse and inclusive toys for my kids.  We do have quite a few books, but I'm going to continue to expand our library and toys collection to educate myself and my kids.  I don't always know exactly the right words to say or write but as I continue to learn and teach my kids I will continue to share.

In my household we already have some of these toys and books and have added a few.  It seems many other people are doing the same thing since some toys/books are out of stock but I'm sure they will be restocking.

My kids are really into Barbie dolls these days.  They will spend hours playing with Barbie and her friends all over the house.  I love that Barbie has expanded its collection over the years and now has diverse and inclusive dolls.  We actually had some already and just added a few more to our collection.  My kids love to take the ones that are mermaids or in bathing suits and bring them in the kiddie pool or water table outside.

Barbie Fashionista Vitiligo Doll | Barbie BMR1959 | Barbie Club Chelsea Doll | Barbie Doll Purple Dress |
Barbie Fashionista Doll #121 with Prosthetic Leg | Barbie Good Vibes Only | Barbie Fashionista with Wheelchair |
Barbie Ken Fashionista | Barbie Fashionista with Braided Hair 
Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit Customizable Doll - Copper Straight Hair - image 1 of 6Creatable World Deluxe Character Kit Customizable Doll - Black Braided Hair - image 1 of 6

Barbie also has something called "Creatable World" where you can actually customize your own Barbie.  It comes as a kit and you put your own Barbie together.

Meri Meri Mia Rainbow Doll | Lottie Loyal Companion Boy Doll | Lammily Photographer Doll |
Melissa & Doug Gabrielle Doll | Wonder Crew Superhero James | Manhattan Toy Harper Doll | Adora Savannah Doll |
Lottie Mia Doll Cabbage Patch Kids Splash 'N Float | Baby Alive Better Now Bailey | Corolle Calin Mila Doll |
My girls both love baby dolls.  My youngest just started saying the word baby and carries around as many baby dolls as she can.  Our favorites have to be the Cabbage Patch dolls.

Something Happened In Our Town | Strictly No Elephants | Ben's Adventures: Day at the Beach |
Mary Wears What She Wants | The Invisible Boy | All My Stripes: A Story for Children with Autism |
Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You | 
There are many books available, these are just some of the few I found for toddlers.  I've read "Strictly No Elephants" and that is one of my favorites.  It is a book about inclusion and helping others.
| Colorations Multicultural Dough | People Shapes Project Kit | Ready2Learn Rainbow Washable Ink Pad |
| Sunworks Multicultural Construction Paper | Colorations Colors Like Me Washable Paint |
| Crayola Washable Tri-Color Markers | Crayola Multicultural Coloring Set | Kid Shape Cut Outs |
Arts and crafts is one of my favorite things to do with toddlers.  I love letting them use their imaginations to create a masterpiece.  Right now we have been into painting and making clay/play doh.  We also color all the time.  I highly recommend ultra-clean washable markers.  All Crayola markers are washable but these are the easiest to get off of hands and clothing.

| Mulan Classic Doll with Ring | Jasmine Classic Doll with Ring | Disney Animators' Moana Plush |
| Tiana Plush Doll | Disney Animators' Collection Mega Figurine Set | Elena of Avalor Plush Doll |
Two weeks before we were all quarantined we were at Disney.  This was the first time my kids had ever been.  I'm actually impressed with Disney.  I know from what I read it took them awhile to branch out and include some diversity in their characters, but now they have many different Disney princesses.

| Barbie Dreamhouse with Wheelchair Accessible Elevator | I Never Forget a Face Matching Game |
| Ms. Monopoly Board Game | Playmobil City Life |

I shared above many different diverse and inclusive Barbie dolls but one thing that I love about this Barbie Dreamhouse is that it has a wheelchair ramp and wheelchair accessible elevator.  My oldest daughter just got this for her birthday and she absolutely loves it.

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