Week 11 and 12 - Social Distancing

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I'm so behind getting these posts up on time that I'm going to combine weeks 11 and 12.  I'll just share our plans for this week since today is only Monday.

Cotton Ball Clouds - On a piece of paper I drew an outline of a cloud for each of my kids.  Using glue and cotton balls they had to fill in the cloud.  To make it more of a challenge for my oldest, I had her count the cotton balls as she placed them.  My youngest had fun playing with the glue and the texture of the cotton balls.  She did place a few of them on her paper.  To extend the activity further you can have your child cut out the cloud to work on their scissor skills.

Water Table Bubbles - My kids love bubbles so I filled up their water table with some bubble bath and let them play in it.  They love washing their barbies and mermaids.

Read to Your Sibling - My oldest is just starting to read and she loves it.  So as an activity that we do daily, I have her read to her sister before nap.

Osmo Coding Jam - {gifted} This is a new game that we got to try out and my daughter loves it.  She is a little young to do it on her own so we help her but she actually taught me how to play it.  She loves creating her own "jams" and sending them family.

Old Toys New Games - Sometimes playing with the same toys can get boring and while we do put toys away and bring them back out a few months later, it is fun to make up new games for old toys.  We do this with board games and make up our own rules, and for other toys like cars and instead of racing them, they have to travel in a line and avoid obstacles.

Taking Pictures - Usually my kids will do this with their VTech Kidizoom Camera but it needed to be charged so my oldest wandered around the house taking pictures with my iPhone.

Photo my daughter took of her dollhouse
Baking - My husband made Pilsbury break and bake sugar cookies with our girls and it is a quick and delicious activity.  However, my oldest wanted the cookies into shapes so he ended up rolling out the dough so she could use a cookie cutter.  She had fun using the cookie cutters and her favorite part is pouring a lot of sprinkles on them.

Create a Maze - My oldest loves making mazes.  So we take turns making them and solving them for each other.  Hers don't always have a start and finish but she loves when I try.

Car Wash - I always loved washing the car as a kid.  My kids also had a blast doing it.  Each girl got a sponge and we filled a bucket with soap and water.

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