Sun Safety with Kids - Sunscreen Review

Let me preface this by saying some of the items shared in this post were sponsored or gifted but all thoughts are my own.  I feel very strongly about skin safety when it comes to the sun.  When I was younger and went to Summer camp I got so badly burned that I was in so much pain.  My parents had to overnight me special sunscreen and skincare because what I had been using obviously didn't work.  It wasn't that I didn't apply it, the issue was that I didn't apply as frequently as I should have and the product I had been using wasn't enough for my skin.

I have fair skin and freckles.  I get skin checks at least once a year.  I wear sunscreen on my face daily (it's in my makeup primer).  I chase after my kids with sunscreen and make sure to reapply.  I prefer them wearing long sleeve rashguards when possible and a hat.  I pull out all the stops when it comes to sun safety.  We recently returned from the beach and even though I wore a hat, regularly applied sunscreen to my face, I still managed to get a little sunburn.  

I've been testing out a bunch of different sun safety products.  All of which I love and can't narrow it down because they all serve different purposes.  I am very particular about ingredients that I use on myself and my kids.  Our Summer here in New Jersey has been especially hot and humid.  We are outside a lot more enjoying the water table, kiddie pool, and water slide.

Solar Buddies - We absolutely love this sunscreen applicator because it applies the sunscreen with a roll on application and then rubs it in with the sponge.  The design is fantastic.  It is child friendly and my kids can actually apply sunscreen to themselves.  I help them with spots that they miss and their face, but for the most part they are pretty good at it.  I also like that you fill them with your sunscreen choice.  You can fill the containers with as much or as little as you want.  We've had ours for a little over a year now and I've washed it so that it can be reused.  I purchased 2 more because I wanted my youngest to have her own and to have a spare on hand just in case.

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Project Sunscreen - This sunscreen is great for on the go.  I attach it to my stroller or diaper bag and it is great knowing that I always have sunscreen when I need it.  I don't need to dig through my diaper bag because it hangs on the outside like hand sanitizer.

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The weather today is absolutely beautiful here in New Jersey. It’s the perfect temperature to be outdoors. We’ve already gone for a walk and are now enjoying some water play in the backyard. My youngest has decided to water the blueberry bushes.⁣ ⁣ I’ve made a point to teach my kids the importance of wearing sunscreen. We lather them up whenever we are outdoors and I always keep a stick or a roller in my diaper bag.⁣ ⁣ #ad One of our NEW favorites is by @projectsunscreen #sponsored They come in a bunch of styles (baby, kids, for all, spfu). What’s great about it is the ease of application - my oldest can do it herself , it’s made of 100% mineral active ingredients, and it is reef as well as ocean friendly! ⁣ ⁣ We love it because it rolls on white but rubs in clear so when my daughter applies it herself I can make sure she doesn’t miss any spots. I can also attach it to our stroller or diaper bag with the awesome cap topper! . . . . . #projectsunscreen #sunsafety #sunsafe #protectyourskin #skincheck #sunsafe

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Moon Block Sunscreen Applicator - This is a clever product.  It reminds me of a very large beauty blender but contoured to work well on your body and face.  You can apply the sunscreen director to the applicator or to your wrist as if you were doing your foundation.  Once again this product is great for kids and I like it the most for rubbing in sunscreen on my back.

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Bare Republic Neon Sticks - While I don't typically recommend colored sunscreen these neon sticks are okay.  Keep in mind that the ingredients in these is different than the Shimmer Sticks.  My oldest loves to apply this to her face.  Even when rubbed in it does leave some color but she thinks its fun.  I like it because I can see where it has been applied and where she may have missed.

We don't typically use spray sunscreen.  It's not that I don't recommend them, I just don't like them blowing in the air and breathing that in.  If that is all you have, then something is better than nothing.  We have also found that for some reason if you spray them on your legs in our backyard, they discolor our paver blocks and you have to power wash them to get the sunscreen residue to come off.

I hope this list helps you out as we near the end of Summer.  While we only have a few more weeks left until Back to School, we've had very hot and sunny weather and I know a lot of people are still venturing to the beach.

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