Switching Rooms

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A few months ago my mom and I came up with the idea to switch our living room and our family room.  My husband wasn't sure about it at first, because he knew it would be a lot of work.  It also took some planning to figure out how the room would be set up since our couch is L shaped.

We decided to switch the rooms because our living room is much larger and any overflow of toys ended up scattered across the floor in both rooms.  My husband has a pool table in the living room and rarely got to use it, because it was always surrounded by toys on the floor or on top of it.  It was getting to the point where we had too many rooms that were being used as playrooms.  My kids would carry their toys back and forth, dropping them in the kitchen and the hallway.  We needed to come up with a better solution.

The process of moving all the furniture was tedious and required extra help.  My father-in-law helped us move and wore a mask to be cautious.  Seeing as how we were just switching rooms and how tiring it was, I did a little research because eventually in a couple years we will probably move and there was no way I want to do it ourselves.  I discovered All in One Moving & Storage Inc, who are residential and commercial movers NJ and was very impressed by their customer reviews and their guarantee of customer satisfaction. 

When we moved to New Jersey we had professional movers take care of everything.  I would laugh at how well they wrapped everything, but honestly, they know what they are doing and it was worth it because everything was really handled with care.  All in One Moving & Storage Inc is a great resource for moving.  They even offer last minute moving options if you are in a pinch or you close on a property quickly.  You can get a free estimate on their website and they offer a variety of packages as well as options to customize to fit your needs.

When my husband and I were switching the two rooms, all the kids toys and bins and cubbies needed to be moved to the garage.  Next were the end tables and couch.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  It was definitely more work than we thought it would be.  Just to get an idea, take a look at the photo below.  Multiply that photo by 10 and you can imagine how much stuff needs to be packed up and moved for a house.  It took us hours to move everything and Scott's dad had to come help move the couch.  For the pool table we had to hire someone to disassemble and reassemble it.  That was not something we could move ourselves.

Filled half our garage with furniture from just one room.
Most movers can easily just pick up your furniture as is and put it in the truck.  If you have a dresser or a cabinet,  they tape the drawers so they don't open and that's it.  To move the cubbies in our family room, we had to take all the bins out.  The method movers use is typically so much faster, we just don't have the strength to do something like that.

Now you are probably wondering what the cost is like.  It really depends on the house/apartment/condo size.  You can also customize the packages.  All in One Moving & Storage Inc will even help you de-clutter your home if that is something you would like.  They also offer disassembling electronics and furniture, and reassembling at the new location.

My mother-in-law is in the process of moving in a different state and whether you are age 25, 35, 45, 55+, I would recommend hiring a moving company.  My husband and I even discussed it whenever we end up moving next.  Stuff accumulates over the years and even if we de-clutter and purge, it's still a lot to have to pack up and move yourself.  I'd rather spend the time with him and my girls.

After a few days we had the furniture in the two rooms switched and put everything away.  I'm happy with the end result and the switch gave me an opportunity to go through everything we had in both rooms and see what was still worth keeping, what could be throw away, and what we could donate.  We've never really done a big Spring cleaning but I guess this would be a mini Summer clean and a way to freshen up our house.

I love how we organized all the kids toys.

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