Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Today is the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  You can shop if you are Icon status today.  Personally I am only an Insider which you are probably shocked about.  This year they let you preview the sale starting in July and even add items to a wish list so that on the day that you get access, you can quickly check out before your "must haves" are sold out.

In order to shop the sale EARLY you need a Nordstrom card.  Unfortunately a few years ago they got rid of the debit card and only offer the credit card, but if you sign up now you get $60 in Nordstrom Notes.  (Tip: If you don't plan on spending it all, you can have them transfer it to a gift card so it never expires).


I have to be honest with you all.  I don't plan on getting a lot this year.  There isn't much I need.  That being said, I may find a few things I like as the sale goes on and I see what others have gotten, the quality, and how they fit.  I will probably order a bunch of things, try them on, decide if I really need them, and return what doesn't work.  Nordstrom has a great return policy and you can just mail it right back.

There are a few things that I almost always get.  I absolutely love the Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas (both the two piece and the sleep shirt).  They are the softest pajamas I have found.  I also usually get my oldest a North Face Jacket and a pair of sneakers.

Here are my picks from the Anniversary Sale.  You will probably notice very quickly that my picks are very different from most fashion bloggers.  I am NOT a fashion blogger.  I would rather be comfy than fashionable.  I also know my kids.  When I play with them I get dirty.  I'm a t-shirt and leggings mom wearing flip flops or sneakers.  If I want to be fashionable, I throw on some jewelry.  The two items from Nordstrom sale that I really do want are the Michele Apple Watch Band and a new pair of sneakers.

Moving on to the kids/babies sale picks.  As I said above, I will probably get my oldest a pair of sneakers and a North Face jacket.  While I love the price of the Target Winter quotes.  I don't feel like they are quite warm enough and the quality doesn't compare to The North Face.  I am also looking at getting her a pair of Bogs boots.  We got her a pair last year and she absolutely loved them.  Her feet are still small enough to fit in the Baby Bogs which are made of neoprene and plush lined.

My husband rarely ever shops for himself.  He likes to be surprised so unless he sees a good deal on Amazon or I hand him my phone or computer with a page of clothing for him to look at, he doesn't buy anything.   Unless it's for his car!

I don't usually get much from the home department at Nordstrom but I have been eyeing the Nordstrom brand towels.  They are extremely soft and on sale they are a pretty good price.

My lasts picks for the sale are Beauty finds.  Some of these items I want but unfortunately the ingredients are not recommend while breastfeeding.  Kopari makes my favorite deodorant, but I only get the fragrance free one because I have very sensitive skin.  Many of these I already have and love!

If you have any questions about my recommendations for the Anniversary Sale feel free to send me an email or a DM on Instagram.

*links are affiliate.  Thank you for supporting my family and my business.

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