Pinterest Preschool

Ever since my oldest started school in her "Pandemic Pod" it got me thinking about curriculum.  You may not know this about me but I have a Masters in Educational Learning Technologies, a bachelors in Elementary Education, and am also certified to teach ESL.  The virtual learning is something that really interests me but I am also unsure how it will work for kids in Preschool/PreK.  

I know that in our township, the public preschool that is a lottery system has gone completely remote.  I'm assuming now any kid could be added to the class since it's not in-person.  Honestly, I'm not sure my thoughts on this as I haven't experienced it first hand with my kids.  I can totally see the appeal if you are a parent and are working full-time.  It's the safest solution and in that sense I get it.  From the perspective of a former teacher and watching my oldest do a "zoom" class once a week when schools were closed back in March, her attention span in front of the computer was maybe 10 minutes.  

I am also that mom that doesn't want to send my preschooler into a classroom of more than 5 kids and that is the challenge.  How do you find something that works for your family, your schedule, your job..etc.. There are so many factors that you need to consider and it has been very challenging for many and I see that.

I did a little research and some school districts have really figured it out and the kids love it.  They provide the students with all the materials and they have fun projects prepared each week.  They also offer FaceTime for the kids with their classmates.  

I think it all depends on the kid and whether they can sit attentively to a computer screen for hours.  It really comes down to how engaging the teacher is with the kids and if the activities and crafts keep their interest.  I've heard some kids absolutely love it and others are easily distracted.

Since my oldest is in a Pandemic Pod.  I decided that while I do love everything she is learning and she really is doing well, I think she will need some supplemental instruction to further advance her education.

I came up with "Pinterest Preschool" and basically it's Pinterest activities that revolve around different weekly themes or ideas for learning letters.  I know many of us are looking for activities for our kids but don't have the time to really do the research.  It's nice to just go to one place with many activities categorized in a way to make it easy to find.

Some of the activities I included in each category are ones that I've done on the blog, while others were created by other teachers and parents.  I will continue to add as I find them.  This week my daughter is doing "Pets" in her pandemic pod, so my focus has been there.


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