Advent Calendars 2020

This is a post I do every year around this time.  I would say it would've been a perfect Christmas in July post but we are already in August (almost September) as I got sidetracked.  Every year we get an advent calendar and this year we will be getting two so that each of my girls will have something to open leading up to Christmas.  

This year I've already pre-ordered the Disney Storybook Advent Calendar and the Disney Frozen Storybook Collection Advent Calendar for my girls.  I like that instead of little toys or accessories that they get a new book each day.  We got the 2019 Disney one last year and my oldest loved it.  She was really excited to get to read the story at night before bed.  When she was younger we got her one of the toy advent calendars and she definitely liked it but she enjoyed the books so much more.

There are so many advent calendars available.  Originally I was leaning towards getting my girls each one of the Barbie advent calendars because their are two different ones available.  I decided against it only because I'm not sure how excited they will be beyond getting the actual Barbie.  I mean, getting a pair of shoes in real life is fun, but getting just Barbie shoes, I don't feel is that exciting.

I'm sure that Amazon will have many more as we get closer to the holidays.  I typically order the book ones now because they tend to sell out or the price increases.  They are a preorder and if you purchase now and the price decreases before it is shipped, they will honor the lowest price.

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